Advantages in terms of quality, versatility and durability


Technoplast Powder Coating a powder manufacturer company situated at Vapi, Gujarat, INDIA since from 2008, having an ISO 9001 standard.

Technoplast powder coatings are available in three generics viz – Pure Epoxy, Epoxy Polyester Hybrid blends and Pure Polyesters in various shades, gloss and the finishes – glossy, semi glossy, matt, structure and texture. Technoplast powder coating provides protection and aesthetic appearances to the substrates and offers various advantages in terms of quality, versatility and durability.

Good conditioned plant controls the moisture content in our product which ultimately resulting in better electrostatic chargeability, better transfer efficiency and superior finish and application to substrates our product developed as per recent on going technology results in superior mechanical, chemical, corrosion and durability properties.

Technoplast committed to manufacture high – tech powders for variety of uses and applications for decorative and industrial purposes. ISO 9001 QA standard have been adapted for our powder manufacturing operations.

The most advanced techniques of pre-mixing, extrusion and grinding and sieving enables Technoplast to produce powders of good quality especially with precise control on particle size distribution in various powders. Technoplast “QUALITY POLICY, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” has embarked us for expansion of our powder coating production capacity with art of processing technology. 

Technoplast Powder Coating, Vapi


Technoplast has a well qualified team of young and competent technical personnels, who will work hard for quality and improvements to meet the needs of industry to do powder coating on today. Our peoples also committed to produce superior results and superior quality to achieve “TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” and PRODUCT RELIABILITY.
Finally our peoples believe in quality policy and committed to 
* Meet customer requirements & satisfaction by providing services on time every time.
* Manufacture high quality products fit for use.
* Achieve & maintain high standards of quality management system by employee motivation.


CharacteristicsEpoxyEpoxy PolyesterPure Polyester
FinishMattGlossy / Semi Glossy StructureGlossy / Matt / Semi Glossy
Appearance Gloss / FlowGoodGoodExcellent
Gloss Level
(At 60 on Glossmeter)
5 – 15 Degree15 – 95 Degree15 – 95 Degree
Mechanical PropertiesGoodGoodGood
Recommended Film Thickness50 – 60 microns50 – 60 microns50 – 60 microns

Recommended application Parameters

CharacteristicsEpoxyEpoxy PolyesterPure Polyester
Application Voltage60 – 90 KV60 – 90 KV60 – 90 KV
Stoving Schedule effective metal temperature180C for 10 – 15 minutes180C for 10 – 15 minutes200C for 10 – 15 minutes
Theoretical Coverage :
50 to 60 micron thickness and 100% application of powder
100 – 120 Sqft / Kg100 – 120 Sqft / Kg100 – 120 Sqft / Kg
Corrossion Chemical resistance Salt spray test above – 700 hrsExcellentExcellentGood
Exterior DurabilityNot RecommendedFair Restricted useExcellent


Pure polyester powder coatings are the thermosetting powders based on durable polyester Resins. They have very excellent UV Resistance and exterior / outdoor durability. It is preferred coatings for Architectural segments due to their durability and resistance to weather conditions.


Recommended for both exterior and interior applications. Some typical applications. Aluminium extrusions, Window frames, Door frames, Air conditioners, Automative components, Furnitures, Bicycles, Lightning equipments and sports equipments. 


1. Glossy finishes
2. Semiglossy finishes, Matt finishes
3. Structure finishes
4. Texture finishes 


1. Excellent resistance to UV
2. Outstanding durability
3. Good mechanical properties
4. Have excellent flow property and provide good edge cover
5. Good electrostatic charging properties
6. High resistance to yellowing 


For normal baked film at 50 – 60 microns film thickness on Zinc phosphated CRS.


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ColourDifferent ranges available
Specific Gravity1.6 + 0.2 (depends on colour)
Theoretical Coverage
(at 100% material utilization)
100 to 110 Sqft / Kg
Shelf Life6 months from the date of manufacturer If stored below 300C


Gloss level at 600 Gloss head atFor Glossy >85 Degree
Recommended Stoving scheduleFor Semi Glossy – 25 to 85 Degree
For Matt – 10 to 20 Degree
Appearance of FilmSmooth and Uniform
Flow and LevellingGood


Adhesion with substrate (2mm cross cut)
No loss of adhesion
Impact ResistancePasses 120 Kg Cm
Pencil HardnessH Passes


Salt Spray Test
5% NaCl Solution
Above 700 hrs
Humidity Resistance
42 – 48 C Rh 100%
Above 700 hrs
Acid Resistance
5% H2SO4 – 72 hrs dip test
Alkali Resistance
5% NaOH – 72 hrs dip test